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The perfect Gifts for a memorable US Citizenship Celebration

Becoming an US citizen is a big deal and deserves to be celebrated. Here are some memorable gift ideas that will put a smile on the new American. read more

Everything You Should Know about Porch Pirates

Porch piracy is an ever growing problem in the United States, affecting communities across the country. It’s very common here that delivery services like UPS, FedEx or USPS just leave a package on your front porch. Sometimes they snap a picture as proof of delivery, but still, it’s out in the open until you see … read more

The Best and Worst in American Traffic

Different country, different rules. Traffic is no exception. Here’s my take on some traffic rules and observations that I’ve made in the last 17 years. Let’s start with… The Best in American Traffic U-Turns The fact that U-Turns are so common in the U.S. makes traffic a lot easier. You missed to take a turn... read more

How to Burglar Proof Your Home

During the 18 years I've been living in the United States, I somewhat witnessed 2 burglaries into my next door neighbors' houses. This is probably not making my current neighbors feel at ease, but I happened to be at home both times without really noticing anything until it was too late. Burglars are sneaky and sometimes really bold. A few years back 2 guys broke into my neighbor's house at noon! Yes, in the middle of the day when there could be people at home for lunch. read more

Make extra income with Dog Boarding

You may have seen these photos of dog walkers steering 5 dogs down the sidewalk. In today’s world this is not just a side gig for college students anymore. What you may have NOT seen yet, is people who care for dogs in their own home: It’s called dog boarding. This can be a serious … read more

How to get started with dog walking

So, you’re ready to take the first step into the dog walking world or you are at least thinking about it? Great, let me walk you through how I got started. How to find clients The easy way to dip your toes into the dog walking world is getting friends and neighbors to hire you... read more

Halloween in America – Creativity at its Best

We’re near the end of the scary season with the grand finale coming up on October 31 – Halloween. Inspired by ancient Celtic traditions with giant bonfires to ward off roaming ghosts, Halloween was brought to the U.S. by the many Irish and Scottish immigrants who came in masses during the 19th century. Its popularity... read more

What you should know about Medicare

This is a guest post by Danielle Kunkle. If you are 65 or over and planning a move to the USA or have recently arrived in the USA, one of the first things you’ll need to square away is your healthcare. Here in America, Medicare is the federal insurance program for people aged 65 and... read more

East and West – An Indian Adjusting to Life in the States

This is a guest post by Ritu from India. Before I started writing this article, I watched some videos on youtube and browsed through books that talked about cultural differences. I was trying to get a hook, a starting point, to begin describing some aspects of my own experience of what it means to be... read more

Selling products internationally with Barrington McIntosh

After my last post about selling on Amazon, I reached out to one of my mentors, Barrington McIntosh, and I’m very excited to share our interview with you today. Barrington is an online selling powerhouse, known for expanding his Amazon business globally and teaching others how to do it. After having studied in the... read more

Confessions of an SPI 99er

I have a confession to make.  I’ve been relentlessly working on something for the past 12 months. Every bit of free time I spent with learning, sourcing and shipping. And I had a real blast doing so. Besides new skills I also earned some money. However, having a 9-5 job and doing all that hustling... read more

Expat Christmas Traditions

Life as an expat gives you the chance to either experience and adapt to a new culture as is, or you carry over some of your own traditions and blend it all together. The best of both worlds so to speak. Christmas is a great example and is generally celebrated the same, but with some... read more

The Things We Miss

Welcome “Oh God My Wife Is German” readers! I know you just got treated with one of his finest once again, which is hard to compete with. But I gave it a shot and here the version of the “evil mirror image”… Background info for other readers: The other day I reached out... read more

Things to do in Las Vegas

This is a guest post by Amber Kingsley. If you’re planning on travelling to the USA, Las Vegas is definitely a place you won’t want to miss. Not only is there an unbelievable amount of entertainment and nightlife to enjoy, there is also a great deal of history and natural beauty both in the city... read more

How I became a Smarter Shopper in 2014

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you already know that I really like to write about shopping smart and taking advantage of the many opportunities here in the United States. That’s why I experiment with a lot of things on the side. Little side projects that either help me earn more money … read more

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