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Expat Christmas Traditions

Life as an expat gives you the chance to either experience and adapt to a new culture as is, or you carry over some of your own traditions and blend it all together. The best of both worlds so to speak. Christmas is a great example and is generally celebrated the same, but with some slight traditional variations. It starts with the time to get a Christmas tree. In Germany my parents used to get it at the... read more

The Things We Miss

Welcome “Oh God My Wife Is German” readers! I know you just got treated with one of his finest once again, which is hard to compete with. But I gave it a shot and here the version of the “evil mirror image”… Background info for other readers: The other day I reached out to the author of the Oh God My Wife Is German blog, asking him if there are any products he misses from his... read more

Things to do in Las Vegas

This is a guest post by Amber Kingsley. If you’re planning on travelling to the USA, Las Vegas is definitely a place you won’t want to miss. Not only is there an unbelievable amount of entertainment and nightlife to enjoy, there is also a great deal of history and natural beauty both in the city and in the surrounding area. Even if it is not the only place you visit in the United States, it definitely... read more

How I became a Smarter Shopper in 2014

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you already know that I really like to write about shopping smart and taking advantage of the many opportunities here in the United States. That’s why I experiment with a lot of things on the side. Little side projects that either help me earn more money or save money on purchases that me and my wife do anyway. I even managed to get a Bermuda trip... read more

Thanksgiving in the USA – More than just a holiday

It’s Thanksgiving season! The time when American families come together, even travel long distances to meet up, and share a meal together. Not any meal, but the traditional dinner centered around a large roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy. For dessert there’s traditionally apple pie, but also pumpkin pie, pecan pie and other variations. But the most important part of... read more

Miki from Buenos Aires, Argentina

I got the opportunity to ask Miki a few questions. After meeting her future husband on the internet, they decided to start a new life together in California. Enjoy! 

Why did you decide to move to America and what do you do? Even though I always felt like an alien in my own country, I’d never thought of moving to America up until I met David. This is going to sound a tad hackneyed, but it... read more

How to enter the Greencard Lottery for free

It’s time to put your name in the hat again, if you do not have a greencard yet. The U.S. Department of State has opened the 2016 Diversity Visa Lottery from October 1 to November 3, 2014. So get your picture taken and make sure you put on your blankest face possible, because they do not want to see how excited you are on these official application photos. I suggest you do not wait until the last... read more

Gyscha from Jakarta, Indonesia

Here’s the next installment of my Success Stories series. This time it’s all about Gyscha, an expat from Indonesia, who took action on a job opportunity at Disney World in Orlando, FL. She also has a great tip on where to get a huge variety of international food. Enjoy! Why did you decide to move to America and what do you do? I’ve always wanted to work in the entertainment industry and I... read more

How we got a $2,500 trip to Bermuda for free + Book Giveaway

During the last 2 years I’ve been trying out a lot of things and took on quite a few projects to explore different opportunities. One of these side projects is Travel Hacking and if you’re a loyal reader of this blog, you probably remember me writing about it before. After reading the Frequent Flyer Master eBook* from Chris Guillebeau I started out to give this a try and just recently treated... read more

Hanging out in the School Carpool Line

I’ve heard a lot about the notorious carpool lines at schools from other parents in the past. Now, that my daughter goes to Kindergarten, I experienced it first hand. I used to walk her into daycare, later pre-K (pre-Kindergarten) and other than a locked door sometimes, there were no security systems in place. The new school, which combines Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School in one building... read more

Peter H. Fogtdal from Copenhagen, Denmark

I reached out to author, speaker and Danish expat Peter H. Fogtdal and invited him to be a part of the Success Stories series. Enjoy! Where are you from originally? I’m from Copenhagen and will always be Danish. I don’t really feel I “immigrated” to America. I don’t remember leaving my country on a steamer, waving my bowler hat, knowing I would never see my mother or The... read more

430 Million Unused Vacation Days

Yesterday morning  I read an article in our local newspaper why so many Americans don’t use their vacation days. So let me try to paraphrase it in my own words. You’ve probably heard already that U.S. workers do not take a lot of vacation days during the year, mainly due to the fact that they don’t get a lot. There’s no mandatory amount of paid days off, that companies have to... read more

Best Affordable Destinations in the USA

This is a guest post by Flora Cox. America is definitely top-notch when it comes to offering tourists both local and international with various holiday get away and tourist destination sites at affordable and low prices. Vacation places here come at a wide range and enjoyable delicacies in some of the best restaurants at reasonable prices. Yellowstone This natural attraction site has numerous hiking as... read more

The Best and Worst in American Traffic

Different country, different rules. Traffic is no exception. Here’s my take on some traffic rules and observations that I’ve made in the last 9 years. Let’s start with… The Best in American Traffic U-Turns The fact that U-Turns are so common in the U.S. makes traffic a lot easier. You missed to take a turn a second ago? No problem! Just drive to the next intersection and make a... read more

5 Tips to Avoid Looking Like an Idiot

Being new to a country comes with a lot of challenges and you always want to do as best as you can to fit right in without looking like an idiot. There are a lot of situations that you’re not familiar with at first and that you would manage totally different in your own country. Here are 5 tips on very common situation and how to master them. Gas Pump “not working” When I travelled... read more

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