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Welcome to my blog! Below you’ll find some essential articles that I wrote to help you with a few things you’ll have to deal with before and after your immigration. However, this list is by far not everything that you can find on my blog. Check out the categories in the sidebar to find what you’re interested in or use the search field.


thumb_greencard5 Ways to Get a Green Card: The five most common ways to obtain a green card for the USA. The permanent resident card makes living and working in the US a lot easier than being on a work visa.

thumb_English_keyboardHow to Jump Start Your School English: For those of you who learned English in school but never really needed it in life until now, this article will help you to dust off your vocabulary and to prepare yourself for your trip or migration to the US.

compass_thumbHow to Immigrate to the USA Without a Green Card: A green card won’t earn your living. A job does. And that’s exactly your best alternative to immigrate to America. Here are a few ideas on how your American Dream could become reality.

NY_thumbThe Cost of Living in New York – Some Things to Know Before You Move: Moving to New York City is a big decision and, as with any international move, it should be done with much preparation and careful planning.

thumb_internshipThe Benefits of an Internship Abroad: One thing employers love in resumes are work experience abroad. Read about why an internship is good for you and why companies like diversity on staff.



thumb_credit_historyBuild an Outstanding Credit History from Scratch: You might have paid off credit in your country already, but once you move to America, this is all in the past. Banks will need you to start over and prove that you’re credit worthy by building a great credit history with an outstanding FICO score.

thumb_childcareChild Care Options in America: Working immigrants with kids have to figure out child care in America soon after their arrival. But what options are there and at what cost?

thumb_ssnHow to Get a Social Security Number (SSN): In order to work you’ll need a Social Security Number shortly after your immigration into the USA. These steps will walk you through the process and give you tips along the way.

thumb_workpermitHow to Get a Work Permit (EAD): Spouses of visa holders don’t always have the privilege to work. Here’s a guide to check if you’re eligible and how to apply for a work permit.

thumb_drivers_licenseBack to School: Your First US Driver’s License: After a few week’s driving in the US you need to get your US driver’s license, if you want to continue driving. This guide will walk you through the process.

thumb_car_buyingHow to Buy a Car Without the Hassle: Buying a car can be very frustrating when trained sales people are playing their game with you. Learn how to turn the tables on them and land a hassle-free deal.



thumb_tippingWhen Should I Tip And How Much? The amounts that Americans tip can be a real shocker. Learn when and how much to tip and get some insight in the US tipping habit.

thumb_heart_flag8 Reasons Why I Love to Live in America Why do only 39% of Americans have passports? They don’t need one! The U.S. offers simply everything you can imagine, which makes it a great place to live.

feat_expat_tipsAmerican Culture Tips for New Expats: Here are a few survival tips for first contact with the American Culture. What topics should you be careful with, party etiquette, the Bible Belt and more.

feat_metricImperial vs. Metric System for Expats: One challenge for every new expat in America is to adapt to all the different units of the Imperial System compared to the Metric System. Here’s an infographic.



thumb_workfromhomeMake Money from Home with Affiliate Marketing: Start generating a passive income stream by learning about Affiliate Marketing and how it can help you to earn money from home.

thumb_workfromhomeSelling physical products out of your home with Amazon FBA: Here’s a list of tools that got me started selling physical products on Amazon.



thumb_roadtripBe Smart on Your Road Trip Adventure: Road trips are a lot of fun, but you’ll need to prepare yourself a little. Here are some of my favorite tips to make the most of your road trip on American territory.

thumb_what_cruise_lineWhat Cruise Line Should I Choose? There are many cruise lines servicing the American coast for a variety of different types of people. Learn about the most popular lines and their highlights to make the best decision for you and your family.

thumb_cruise_comparisonRoyal Caribbean vs. Carnival: A review of the cruise ships Freedom of the Seas and Carnival Dream on a Caribbean 7-night cruise reveals both ship’s features based on personal experience.

thumb_21tips21 Tips for First Time Cruisers: How to make the best of your first cruise. Get 21 tips about what to look out for before, during and after the cruise.



thumb_call_home How to Call Back Home For Cheap: Calling your family back home can be expensive. Here are three alternatives to make international calls for free or very little money.

thumb_burglaryYour Home is Your Castle – Keep it Safe: Hiring an alarm company isn’t the only thing you can do to keep your home safe. Here are additional precautions to make your place more secure especially when you’re on vacation.

thumb_dailydeals5 Daily Deal Sites Worth Checking Out: Immigrating to America you may not be able to bring all of your belongings in a big container. Daily Deal websites can help you save on buying new essentials as well as traveling to explore your new country of choice.

There is so much more than the articles above on this blog. Check out the categories in the sidebar to your right to see everything that I’ve ever written about. Enjoy!

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