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The Things We Miss

Welcome “Oh God My Wife Is German” readers! I know you just got treated with one of his finest once again, which is hard to compete with. But I gave it a shot and here the version of the “evil mirror image”… Background info for other readers: The other day I reached out to the author of the Oh God My Wife Is German blog, asking him if there are any products he misses from his... read more

A Guide through Fast Food Nation

Welcome to Fast Food Nation! When I left Germany back in 2005 I only knew McDonald’s, Burger King and of course Germany’s most popular fast food: the Döner Kebab (it’s actually Turkish, but who cares, it’s AWESOME!). So once we stepped foot on American soil during our first USA vacation in 2004, we had a hard time to try out new restaurants, because we just didn’t know what... read more

14 American Mysteries I Haven’t Solved Yet

  When was the last time you were really puzzled about typical American behavior? For example the obsession over the greenest lawn, cheese everything or the mysterious gap in bathroom stalls. I notice stuff like this all the time and while it’s sometimes frustrating (see 70 degrees), most of the time it’s just amusing. We do live in a different culture and that comes with a ton of... read more

A Culinary Trip Around the World

I’ve been working on a little side project during the last couple months and now it’s finally done. My very first Expat Cuisine eBook! Best of all – it’s FREE and you can get a copy when you sign up to my newsletter here. I’ve reached out to 9 other expat bloggers and asked them about recipes from their countries, that they like to make here in the United States. The recipe had to... read more

What You’re Eating in America Might Be Banned in Other Countries

All expats have it and so do I: The craving for certain foods that we grew up with back home, before we moved to America. They are a piece of home, a special treat that you can’t get that easily anymore. And even if there appears to be a good substitute in American grocery stores, our guts don’t quite trust the look-a-like, so we hold off and wait for the next visitor to arrive to bring us... read more

Can You Resist These 5 American Guilty Pleasures?

We have them all, guilty pleasures that we just cannot stay away from. Every culture has its own, so does America. Here are five very American pleasures, that you’re either guilty of yourself or you cringe just by the thought of it. Mmmmh… Donuts These donuts can be really addictive, I’m living proof of that. Thank God they closed the Krispy Kreme store close to our first apartment,... read more

Be Smart on Your Road Trip Adventure

Oh, how much fun it is to be on a road trip in the USA. And it’s so easy and stress free. Seeing lots of world famous places, living out of the suitcase and staying wherever and whenever you want. These used to be my favorite kind of trips when I was younger, and they still are. You just get a ton of impressions and thousands of great pictures in a short amount of time. My vehicle of choice for... read more

When Should I Tip And How Much?

I have to admit, the amounts that people tip in the USA has been a real shocker for me. Especially because I was so used to the German way of tipping, which is just rounding up to the next Euro or maybe a little more. In the part of Germany that I come from you have a good chance to get a stressed out and quite unfriendly waiter, so you don’t even feel bad tipping them just a few cents. And other... read more