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The Best and Worst in American Traffic

Different country, different rules. Traffic is no exception. Here’s my take on some traffic rules and observations that I’ve made in the last 17 years. Let’s start with… The Best in American Traffic U-Turns The fact that U-Turns are so common in the U.S. makes traffic a lot easier. You missed to take a turn... read more

How to Burglar Proof Your Home

During the 18 years I've been living in the United States, I somewhat witnessed 2 burglaries into my next door neighbors' houses. This is probably not making my current neighbors feel at ease, but I happened to be at home both times without really noticing anything until it was too late. Burglars are sneaky and sometimes really bold. A few years back 2 guys broke into my neighbor's house at noon! Yes, in the middle of the day when there could be people at home for lunch. read more

Things to do in Las Vegas

This is a guest post by Amber Kingsley. If you’re planning on travelling to the USA, Las Vegas is definitely a place you won’t want to miss. Not only is there an unbelievable amount of entertainment and nightlife to enjoy, there is also a great deal of history and natural beauty both in the city... read more

How we got a $2,500 trip to Bermuda for free + Book Giveaway

During the last 2 years I’ve been trying out a lot of things and took on quite a few projects to explore different opportunities. One of these side projects is Travel Hacking and if you’re a loyal reader of this blog, you probably remember me writing about it before. After reading the Frequent Flyer Master... read more

430 Million Unused Vacation Days

You probably knew that Americans love to work and only have a few days of vacation. But what if they would have more paid days off? Would they even use them all? I came across a very interesting article about the reasons, why some Americans don't spend all of the few days that they get. read more

Best Affordable Destinations in the USA

America is definitely top notch when it comes to offering tourists both local and international with various holiday get away and tourist destination sites at affordable and low prices. Vacation places here come at a wide range and enjoyable delicacies in some of the best restaurants at reasonable prices. read more

5 Tips to Avoid Looking Like an Idiot

Being new to a country comes with a lot of challenges and you always want to do as best as you can to fit right in without looking like an idiot. There are a lot of situations that you're not familiar with and that will be dealt with totally different in your own country. Here are 5 tips on very common situation and how to master them. read more

5 Must See Historical Monuments in the United States

This is a guest post by Flora Cox. Every nation has a history and United States is no exception. Although its history may not be as rich as that of china or England it has numerous historical sites that honour the American history and heritage. These landmarks portrays America’s rich history from the early day’s... read more

3 Places to See in NYC That Are Not in Your Tourist Guide

This is a guest post from Christina Loiacono. New York City is one of the most traveled-to and written-about cities in the world. Visitors come to see the tall buildings, gaze at the bright lights, and walk down Broadway. After being a resident for nearly five years, I can confirm that New York really is... read more

Interview with Chris Guillebeau

I’ve interviewed only expats from countries other than the U.S. so far in my blog. Time to switch it up a little and do an interview with an American for a change. Someone who has lots of experience with other cultures and can compare it to America first hand. I believe there’s no better choice... read more

What You Should Know About Speeding Tickets

Germans like me who are used to the Autobahn probably have the hardest time on America’s interstates with its strict speed limits of anywhere between 60 mph to 85 mph. In fact, 85 mph is only allowed on a 41-mile segment somewhere in Texas. A few other parts of Texas as well as the whole … read more

5 Fun Ski Towns to Visit in the U.S.

Ski season is here, and that means a wide array of both elegant and quirky ski towns to visit throughout the U.S. For skiers who are passionate about great powder and a charming atmosphere, there are many mountains to explore. Here are some favorite American mountain towns that will play the perfect backdrop for an … read more

USA and England Through the Eyes of a German Expat

For most of my life I lived only 500 miles away from England, but never visited until recently. I guess now, that I live 4,000 miles away, in America, made England a more desirable destination, so my wife and I recently made a 4-day trip to London. The fun thing as expats living in an … read more

Q&A: Sales Taxes, Driving Automatic and Speeding Tickets

How much is the sales tax and why does it vary so much? Sales tax varies from state to state and can be under 1%, but also 10% or higher in some areas. It’s been administered on the state level and food is usually a lot lower than other goods. States determine a base rate... read more

Q&A: Open Container Laws, HOV and the $2 Bill

Why is drinking alcohol in public prohibited? In order to avoid public intoxication or even worse, being drunk behind the steering wheel, America has Open Container Laws that can slightly vary from state to state. In the majority of US states this law prohibits posession and/or consumption of open alcohol containers in public places like... read more

How to Become a Frequent Flyer Millionaire

Dividend miles programs have been out there for many years and even though I signed up and used Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program in the past, I never really paid closer attention to how you could take this system to the next level. I knew that I can earn miles with every flight and then hopefully … read more

Christmas in October – Santa’s Land in Cherokee, NC

What if I told you that you can take care of your annual Christmas family picture during the year without having to stand in line? You can even wear shorts and flip flops. Well, Americans wear flip flops all year long, but let’s just say you can dress lightly and get to chat with Santa … read more

21 Tips for First Time Cruisers

Final part of my 3-part Cruise Vacation series. You did it! You finally decided on your first cruise and even convinced your partner, friend or family to join you. It better be good, because this could be your one and only shot to get them on board for more cruise adventures. To make this an... read more

Royal Caribbean vs. Carnival

Part 2 of my 3-part Cruise Vacation series. I didn’t have any desire of taking a cruise for years. My wife however kept mentioning it, so one year I finally gave in and I just loved it. Up until now we took a total of 3 cruises and I’m sure there will be more. However,... read more

What Cruise Line Should I Choose?

Part 1 of my 3-part Cruise Vacation series. One of the most popular vacation getaways in the United States are cruises. You see multiple different places within a short period of time and it’s great for family get togethers or family vacations. Cruises are very inexpensive for the level of service and entertainment that you... read more

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