July, 2013 | Live Work Travel USA

What’s the Best Wholesale Club?

There are many different ways to save money on your purchases in America. One way is by signing up for a wholesale club, that will currently charge a membership fee of $45-55 per year, so that you can buy items at a lower cost. It does pay off, if you buy in bulk and maybe even split the content of the larger items with friends. Three major wholesale clubs are competing on the U.S. market, which is... read more

Maria from Monte Verde, Brazil

The first Brazilian that I’m featuring is Maria. She is a yoga teacher and small business owner in the Carolinas and I’ve had the pleasure to ask her a few questions about her journey through immigration, starting a business as an immigrant and her life and experiences in America. Where are you from originally? I am from Brazil,  I was raised in a small touristy town in the mountains called... read more

The Benefits of an Internship Abroad

Being a student you usually don’t worry too much about getting a job later on in your life, let alone how to enhance your resume to impress future employers. While different countries have different business mentalities and employers might value one thing over the other, there’s something that always makes a very good impression – work experience abroad. Benefits for the intern An internship... read more

How Churches Get Your Attention

One thing I noticed while exploring America is that some churches get really creative with their signs outside the church. Announcing the next service clearly became a little boring for some pastors, so they keep coming up with some really creative and funny references to things that are going on in life or in the news to draw attention to church and faith in God. If you’ve never been in the USA you... read more

5 Daily Deal Sites Worth Checking Out

Not everybody who decides to immigrate to America can afford to bring all of their belongings in a big container. Some people sell a lot of things before the big move to ship only the essentials and others can afford to keep their apartment or house in their native country and newly furnish their home from scratch in the USA. No matter the circumstances you probably can’t bring everything and end up... read more

Mike from Senden, Germany

It’s time I interview somebody from my own country – Germany. I thought long and hard about who would be a worthy representative with an interesting story and I found a great candidate: Meet Mike from Bavaria. Mike, where are you from originally? My home town is Senden in Bavaria, Germany. How long have you been living in the United States? My wife Sabine and I moved to Chicago in 1995 and then to... read more

Omar from Baghdad, Iraq

How long have you been living in the United States? Since 2010 When did you decide to move to the United States and why? Better job, less taxes, better weather, plus I have a sister and brother both living here in US. How did you get your visa? I was working for the US government and I had the chance to apply for an SQ visa. That’s a visa issued for people who work on behalf of the United States... read more

8 Reasons Why I Love Living in America

Today is Independence Day, 4th of July, one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. Most people have the day off and a lot of them are taking Monday off as well to have a long weekend and hang out with family and friends. For me it’s a good opportunity to enjoy the day off and share with you what I love about this country. Nice and friendly people I’m used to Germany and the... read more

Edward from Southampton, England

Meet Edward, who learned to love the USA during a 2 week visit at his parents in North Carolina and read why some people think he’s from the south pole. How long have you been living in the United States? Permanently since 2008 but in and out since the early 90′s. Why did you decide to move to the United States? My father’s business was affected in the 9/11 attacks. Because of that he... read more