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5 Daily Deal Sites Worth Checking Out

Not everybody who decides to immigrate to America can afford to bring all of their belongings in a big container. Some people sell a lot of things before the big move to ship only the essentials and others can afford to keep their apartment or house in their native country and newly furnish their home from scratch in the USA. No matter the circumstances you probably can’t bring everything and end up buying a lot of things like appliances, furniture, etc. after your arrival to make yourself at home.

Daily Deal sites have become very popular ever since the success of Groupon (not necessarily their stock price). For some people like me these sites even became a common routine to check out whenever I am looking to buy something, just like ebay. You need something, you look on ebay first. Well, I look at various Daily Deal sites before making a purchase to check for deals on traveling (hotels, amusement parks), services (oil change, hair cut, massages, photo book prints) or fun activities like jet skiing or zip lining.
My point is, that being an immigrant you need a lot of stuff to start out or want to travel and explore your country of choice a lot. You can save quite a bit of money by checking some of the following sites every now and then and making it part of your purchase routine.


GrouponThe mother of all Daily Deal sites used to offer only deals that were really just good for one day. Today this can vary a lot and you’ll see deals good for a few days or until a certain quantity has been sold. Groupon’s selection goes across all categories and their website is easy to navigate. You’ll usually find deals that are 50-85% off.


Living Social

Living_SocialProbably the number 2 behind Groupon with also an outstanding selection of local and internet deals. Their website has a very similar layout than Groupon, which makes it also easy to browse through deals.


Amazon Local

Amazon_LocalWith deals of up to 75% off Amazon Local benefits from its trusted name, especially if you have to return something. They feature a local deal per day, but deals can also be good several days. With Amazon’s reward credit card you can also get 3 points per $1 spent on your deals.


Half Off Depot

HalfoffdepotAnother site that I like to check out on a regular basis because of its easy to use interface and great local deals in my area. They’re probably not as wide-spread than Groupon and Living Social, but if they offer deals in your city, they’re definitely worth checking out.



wootWhile the sites above are mainly focused on services, Woot offers primarily product deals. Want to save 50% on wine or 90% on a new watch? This is the site you want to visit.


::: BONUS Site :::

ebatesI stumbled upon Ebates just recently and it’s a fascinating site. It’s based on Affiliate Marketing commissions, however Ebates is sharing its commission with you. In fact, they only keep a small part of the commission. You just sign up for a free Ebates account and whenever you want to buy anything online (e.g. Amazon, Lowe’s, Macy’s, MacMall, you name it…) you find it on Ebates.com and click through their referral link to get on the site you want to buy from. That’s it! Ebates will earn a commission from your purchase and put the majority of it into your Ebates account. They usually pay you out in a few weeks. I’ve tried it. It works! And it’s just super easy.


There are many more deal sites like the 5 above, however not all sites offer good quality products and services like these. What are your favorite Daily Deal sites? Please share your favorites in the commenting section.



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