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Mother’s Day in the USA

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s nearly impossible to miss it in the US. Why you ask? Stores on- and offline keep reminding you about it starting as early as 2 months prior to this day, trying to lure you into buying something special for your Mom. Ads, TV commercials, web banners, email blasts and store signage don’t make it easy to miss Mother’s Day. There are discounts, bundles, BOGOs (Buy One Get One Free), all kinds of rebates and lots of reasons why you should treat your Mom with something special. And while this is well deserved, it comes with a slight commercialized after taste. Mother’s Day is big business and stores started to commercialize it soon after it became an official holiday in 1914.
If you’re late and all the reminders didn’t kick in until the very last minute, flowers are probably going to be the worst bang for your buck, because prices are usually exploding for fresh cut roses so close to Mother’s Day. So set your reminders or just pay attention to the media and be creative with your gifts.
And if you really forgot about it, it’s never too late to say thank you and honor everything they do with a little gesture, even if it’s a week later. Hey, roses will be back to normal price then too.


Here are 3 sites to give you some creative gift ideas, if you want to buy something.
Great article and collection of ideas from Lisa-Jo Baker that is very inspiring and fun to read through. It gets your creative juices flowing.


There are many photo service sites. Shutterfly is just one of them and they always offer some kind of specials with a huge selection of gifts where you can put some photos on. Moms just love family photos on stuff. You can’t go wrong here.


Can’t come up with something original on time to send to your Mom back home? No problem, flowers are always appreciated. This online flower service sends orders to over 190 countries, so there goes your excuse.


If you’re short on money or don’t want to support the holiday business, come up with something original like a letter, nice gesture, help her out with something she doesn’t like doing, take over some of her chores, etc. There are endless nice things you can do for her that won’t cost you a cent and she will probably value it much more than something money can buy.
Now that I wrote all this, I better come up with something good for my Mom and help my daughter be creative for hers.
Why don’t you share some of the ideas you have for Mother’s Day to give me some more options to choose from? 🙂
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