February, 2014 | Live Work Travel USA

What You Should Know About Speeding Tickets

Germans like me who are used to the Autobahn probably have the hardest time on America’s interstates with its strict speed limits of anywhere between 60 mph to 85 mph. In fact, 85 mph is only allowed on a 41-mile segment somewhere in Texas. A few other parts of Texas as well as the whole state of Utah set the speed limit to 80 mph. With everybody usually being in a rush to get from A to B, traffic... read more

Imperial vs. Metric System for Expats

The U.S. is one of only 3 countries world wide, that still uses the Imperial system, also known as U.S. Standard. Well, Americans have adapted to the metric system in science, sports (5k anyone?) and medicine, but everything else is still stuck in ancient times. Speed, length, temperature, weight, etc. – everything is different. That can be quite a challenge for new expats, because they usually think in... read more

American Culture Tips for New Expats

I love when I get questions from my readers. The most recent question I got is about American cultural behavior and what could seem odd or puzzling about it to a new expat. It’s been over eight years since I had my first encounter with the American culture, but I sure remember every bit of it. So let me dive right into it and give you a few examples of what to look out for. Easy “First... read more

Having Surgery in an American Hospital

About a week ago I gave birth to this little sucker, that you see in the picture. I didn’t give him a name yet, but my co-worker drew this nice picture of it for my Get Well Card. My appendix decided to give me some trouble, so I had to have surgery in America for the very first time. And since I’ve gone through this new experience, I just go ahead and share it with you. It all started on a... read more