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Winter is Coming – May God Have Mercy

North Carolina is currently in a state of emergency. Weather forecasts have already warned the public about one of the scariest natural disasters in the South. The local TV stations keep broadcasting weather updates and educate the viewers how to survive the day when disaster strikes. Schools are closing early and the milk and bread aisles in the grocery stores are already empty. People start hoarding food, buy emergency generators to keep their TVs running in case of a blackout, so that they can keep listening to the media, that seem to have all the answers. And on their way back from the store they are already driving at half speed on dry streets, because these nasty snowflakes will hit you when you expect it the least. The weather people are talking about Polar Vortex, Winter Blast, Snowpacolypse or Snowmaggeddon. Even Winter Storm sounds pretty serious to me. You kind of prepare to be neck deep in snow and shovel a pathway to your mailbox like you’ve seen it on TV one time. No wonder some people have severe reactions like in the video below, and that’s not because they don’t even own a shovel:


Welcome to the South and let’s fast forward to the day after tomorrow. The devastating natural disaster that the North Carolinians had to endure was ONE DAY OF SNOW. 1-3 inches (=3-7 cm) to be exact and you can be sure that all of it will be melted away within 24 hours. Snow is not unusual in North Carolina, so you might think people know how to handle it without starting a panic.

Northern states like Michigan are the ones with real winters and lots of snow days, but life just goes on. No need to stock up on bread and milk.

135451237279680In the Carolinas we probably have 1 or 2 snow days every year and every single time it’s amusing to watch the hysteria. The result is always the same. A tiny bit of snow that is gone in no time. But the media just loves the drama, while making people so nervous that they start to question common sense and their own good judgement. It never seems to get old.
Yes, North Carolina is not as prepared for lots of snow like Michigan and they are lacking some equipment, but they also just get a thin layer of the white beauty. It’s hilarious that some people rather listen to the TV stations than to walk a few steps outside to get an idea of how bad or how icy the roads really are.

With that being sad, I’m looking forward to sunnier weather and to leave Snowpacolypse and all the made up craziness behind.

Photo credits: and my daughter’s Scooby-Doo book

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