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Q&A: Open Container Laws, HOV and the $2 Bill

Why is drinking alcohol in public prohibited?

In order to avoid public intoxication or even worse, being drunk behind the steering wheel, America has Open Container Laws that can slightly vary from state to state. In the majority of US states this law prohibits posession and/or consumption of open alcohol containers in public places like on the street or in a park. However, most states adhere to that law and that’s why you usually get your bottle of alcohol wrapped or put in a brown paper bag. There are exceptions though, for example during sporting events. You’ve probably seen people drinking during tailgaiting parties and such. Some places and streets are also excempt from this rule all year long, like the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada or the Savannah Historic District in Savannah, Georgia.

HOV_laneWhat’s an HOV lane?

HOV stands for High Occupancy Vehicle. In other words it’s a lane on the Interstate for people who do car pooling. Some people also call it the diamond lane due to the diamond symbols on the sign and on the road. It’s usually HOV 2+, that means you can drive on the HOV lane if there are 2 or more people in your car including you. It’s been designed to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, especially during rush hour in bigger cities. You’ll get a fine, if you ever drive on one of these car pooling lanes with just yourself in the car.

2-dollar_billIs the $2 bill real or fake?

Yes, the two-dollar bill is very real and has been first introduced in 1862. In 1966 it has been discontinued, just to be reintroduced 10 years later as a cost saving measure. It’s rare though but totally legit and you can pay with it or just keep it as a collectible. The awareness of it’s existence is however pretty low, because fewer than 1% of all notes currently produced in the US are $2 bills. That might cause some issues if you want to pay with a 2 dollar bill and the cashier doesn’t know about this seldom dollar bill.
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