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Greencard Lottery: Get Your Picture Ready in 5 Easy Steps

Last night I entered my name as well as my wife’s name into the Greencard Lottery and noticed a neat little tool on the government site to crop pictures that you took yourself. As you maybe already know, the government is usually pretty picky about the pictures that you submit. You can’t smile, can’t cover your ears, head needs to fill a certain space on the square shaped format, etc… you know the drill. Since I’m too cheap to pay for having my passport picture taken, I usually just take one myself in front of a white wall and later crop it to their specs in Photoshop.

Not this year though. I stumbled upon the government site’s own Photo Crop Tool, that you can find on this page. No Photoshop required. You just take the picture, upload, size it, crop and save. DONE in less than 5 minutes and ready to be uploaded to the official Greencard Lottery form.

If you haven’t entered the lottery yet, hurry up! It’ll close November 2, 2013. After that you’ll have to wait another year to participate.

Good luck!






2 Responses to “Greencard Lottery: Get Your Picture Ready in 5 Easy Steps”

  1. HI DAN! hopping that you re doing well, much thanks for always thinking about myself , but i am going to submit as well and then i will email and attach you my submission form so that you make a follow up for me,thanks again !! have a wonderful moment


    • Dan says:

      Hi Alain, I’m glad to hear you’re going to try the green card lottery. Good luck.
      But please don’t send me your form as there is nothing I would be able to do with it. This is a government program and I’m just a participant just like you. Again, good luck and I hope to win. Make sure to follow me on Facebook because I’m going to send out reminders next year when it is time to check the greencard results.

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