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Daily Tips, Facts & USA Information on Facebook

I’m a little tied up with a side project and my next blog post will be live soon with a little delay. I just want it to be good and not rushed. In the meantime I would like to invite you to visit my Facebook page. I come across a lot of interesting information for immigrants and I post on Facebook about once a day. There’s so much great advice, tips and facts about living, working and traveling in America on it. It’s all the little infos that didn’t make it into one of my articles and I would like you to not miss out on it. If you like what you read, I would appreciate if you likebutton1 my Facebook page and get updates in your Newsfeed.

Here’s what I usually post about on Facebook:

  • Food & Health
  • Travel Tips
  • Inspirational quotes & photos
  • Fun Stuff
  • Job Tips
  • Links to my newest blog posts
  • and a lot more…

If you’re not convinced, below is a snapshot of what my posts on Facebook look like. Go ahead and like my page, so that we can stay in touch. It’ll give me an opportunity to learn what you would like me to write about in this blog.
You’re not on Facebook? Please let me know about where else you would like me to be in the comment section.

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9 Responses to “Daily Tips, Facts & USA Information on Facebook”

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    I’d love to be an Au Pair Dan

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  8. Kay says:

    Hi there,

    Interesting blog, thanks for the tips. I would like to see a post about community collegue and courses for international students.

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