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Edward from Southampton, England

Meet Edward, who learned to love the USA during a 2 week visit at his parents in North Carolina and read why some people think he’s from the south pole. How long have you been living in the United States? Permanently since 2008 but in and out since the early 90′s. Why did you decide to move to the United States? My father’s business was affected in the 9/11 attacks. Because of that he... read more

Lindsay from Montreal, Canada

I had the pleasure to interview Lindsay from Canada about her journey through immigration as part of my Success Stories series. She shared a lot of valuable information not only in this interview, but also in her personal blog, that you will find at the end of this interview. Enjoy! How long have you been living in the United States? Lindsay: I’ve been in the US for a little over 2 years now!  ... read more

How to Immigrate to the USA Without a Green Card

One question that many readers ask me ever since I started this website is, how you can move to the U.S., if none of the most common ways to get a greencard is working out for you. While I’m not an attorney or immigration expert, I can still try to give you some ideas about alternative ways to immigrate or at least live in America temporary. First of all, before you take any action I encourage you... read more

The Cost of Living in New York – Some Things to Know Before You Move

This is a guest post by Ashley Clark from New York International. Moving to New York City is a big decision and, as with any international move, it should be done with much preparation and careful planning.  Most people are familiar with the basic costs of moving – transportation expenses, paying the moving company, new furniture and items for your new home, etc. But there are additional expenses to be... read more

Build an Outstanding Credit History from Scratch

You might have paid off credit in your country already, but once you move to America, this is all in the past. Banks will need you to start over and prove that you’re credit worthy by building a great credit history with an outstanding FICO score. This may take a little while and there are some pitfalls to be aware of during the process. So read on to learn about the science behind credit and the... read more

Denisse from Lima, Peru

How long have you been living in the United States? Denisse: I moved to the United States September 2002. So almost 11 years ago. Why did you decide to move to the United States? Denisse: My aunt moved here in 2000, and then my sister decided to come to UNCC and study here. So, when I decided to start my master, I decided to come where the family was already living. How did you get your... read more

Introducing Immigrant “Success Stories”

Introducing a brand new category on that will be all about people’s journeys to America, what they struggled with, the kind of visa they got and what tips they can give other immigrants. With “Success Stories” I am trying to get as many different nationalities from all over the world to share a little about themselves and how they got here. I hope you’ll learn... read more

How to Get a Work Permit (EAD)

This is for all the spouses that took “one for the team” by joining their partners to move to the United States. Some of you quit your day job to make it all happen and to support your better half’s career. While migrating to the US is very exciting and it takes a while to take it all in and get adjusted, it all ends up becoming familiar and a daily routine starts to form while you might... read more

How to Get a Social Security Number (SSN)

You have finally arrived in the USA – your new home after months, if not years of prep work and visa/greencard paperwork. So let’s not waste any time and get you started with some essentials like how to obtain your Social Security Number (SSN). It’s recommended to wait 10 to 14 days after you’ve entered the US before you apply for one, because the Social Security Administration needs to... read more

Back to School: Your First US Driver’s License

Having a car in the United States is a necessity in most areas. Hardly anything can be reached conveniently by foot or on the bicycle, and if your destination is very close, it’s usually not very easy to get there without having a car or using public transportation. Sometimes there just aren’t any sidewalks or greenways to get from A to B. It can even become pretty dangerous, especially riding... read more

5 Ways to Get a Green Card

Starting a new life in the USA is what many of us dream about, some of us have achieved and others are trying everything they can to get there. Now, why do you need a green card and why couldn’t you just get a visa to live your dream? Visas are just a temporary solution and come with strings attached, although some can be extended under certain circumstances. You’ll always be dependent on... read more

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