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Everything You Should Know about Porch Pirates

Porch piracy is an ever growing problem in the United States, affecting communities across the country. It’s very common here that delivery services like UPS, FedEx or USPS just leave a package on your front porch. Sometimes they snap a picture as proof of delivery, but still, it’s out in the open until you see … read more

How to Burglar Proof Your Home

During the 18 years I've been living in the United States, I somewhat witnessed 2 burglaries into my next door neighbors' houses. This is probably not making my current neighbors feel at ease, but I happened to be at home both times without really noticing anything until it was too late. Burglars are sneaky and sometimes really bold. A few years back 2 guys broke into my neighbor's house at noon! Yes, in the middle of the day when there could be people at home for lunch. read more

When Stuff Breaks

Aaaaah, convenience… that’s what I LOVE about America! I’ve just had the best experience with Lowe’s after having a semi-urgent emergency the other day – our washing machine broke after doing a decent job for over 6 years.  Let me start from the beginning… Our Whirlpool Cabrio top loader (in short: washing machine) started... read more

Housing – Should I Rent or Buy?

Moving within America is pretty easy, especially since Americans usually leave lighting fixtures and appliances like dish washer, range, sometimes even washer and dryer behind. Back in Germany, where I come from, people don’t move that often, but when they do, they pack up everything – literally. The whole place is getting stripped including lighting... read more

Make Money from Home with Affiliate Marketing

Willing to work but stuck at home is the fate that many immigrant spouses face every day. Some of them are having a hard time to land a job in the same profession, even if they’ve beem working in the same field for years back home. Depending on the job, American companies won’t hire you … read more

Your Home is Your Castle – Keep it Safe

Looking back at the first night in our apartment after moving from Germany to North Carolina, I remember being extremely nervous and concerned about our safety. The lock of the front door was so cheap that let me wonder why they even bothered to put in a lock to begin with. My mind probably just … read more

How to Call Back Home For Cheap

All of us had to leave friends or even family back home when we migrated to the USA. However we’re very fortunate to live in a high tech world that allows us to talk and even see our beloved ones at any time at no or very little cost. Think about our ancestors for a … read more