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Thanksgiving in the USA – More than just a holiday

It’s Thanksgiving season! The time when American families come together, even travel long distances to meet up, and share a meal together. Not any meal, but the traditional dinner centered around a large roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy. For dessert there’s traditionally apple pie, but also pumpkin pie, pecan pie and other variations. But the most important part of... read more

Will the Kids Be Alright?

It feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Your employer is offering to send you to their U.S. subsidiary, so that you can help develop an important project. It’ll be good for the company and great for your career. And you’ve always dreamed of working in America. But what about your spouse and your 3 kids? Will they be as excited about this opportunity and be supportive? Every year... read more

Pets on a Plane

Every soon-to-be expat with pet needs to make one of the most difficult decisions before starting the journey. Should I leave my beloved pet with friends or family back home or expose them to the stress and horrors of a plane ride without knowing, if they will make it out the plane alive? My wife and I could not leave our two pet rabbits behind back in 2005 and so they became expats, just like us. Good... read more

Thanksgiving and the Shopping Craze

Thanksgiving in America is the time of big family gatherings, very bad traffic, skyrocketing hotel charges, lots and lots of food with leftovers that will last until Christmas, long lines and overnight camping in front of stores, and merchants who are making a killing, because the days after Thanksgiving are kicking off the most lucrative time of the whole year. Blackout Wednesday It all starts out with... read more

Child Care Options in America

Soon after arrival one of the first things you would have to do as a working immigrant parent, is finding a place to stay for your child while you’re off to work. No matter what city or state you got settled in, there are usually a handful of child care options if not more. As a stay at home parent with a working spouse you don’t need to figure this out just yet, but you might want to explore... read more

Mother’s Day in the USA

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s nearly impossible to miss it in the US. Why you ask? Stores on- and offline keep reminding you about it starting as early as 2 months prior to this day, trying to lure you into buying something special for your Mom. Ads, TV commercials, web banners, email blasts and store signage don’t make it easy to miss Mother’s Day. There are... read more