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Armed to the Teeth – Gun Ownership in America

It’s not surprising that gun violence in the U.S. is much higher than in any other rich country in the world. There is just a huge number of firearms in the hand of American civilians, because it’s very easy to purchase a gun. New York journalist and author Stephen J. Dubner from was looking into this topic a bit further in one of his latest podcast episodes. He found out that... read more

Can You Resist These 5 American Guilty Pleasures?

We have them all, guilty pleasures that we just cannot stay away from. Every culture has its own, so does America. Here are five very American pleasures, that you’re either guilty of yourself or you cringe just by the thought of it. Mmmmh… Donuts These donuts can be really addictive, I’m living proof of that. Thank God they closed the Krispy Kreme store close to our first apartment,... read more

American Wedding Traditions and What It Will Cost You

Have you ever seen the movie Father of the Bride? It’s one of the very few movies that I actually own on DVD, because I just love to rewatch it. The part that I like most about it, is how much daughter Annie adores her Dad, George Banks, (played by Steve Martin) and how he eventually always does everything to make her happy. It’s a film about a typical American wedding and how costly it can... read more

6 American Habits That You May or May Not Like

No matter where you come from, America will be different. Sometimes just a little, other times it’ll be a difference like night and day. Same with certain habits that you will start noticing after you’ve lived here for a while. These are things that will either shock you or make you join right in. Here are a few things that I keep noticing every day with comments from both perspectives. Idling... read more

English Proverbs and Puzzled Looks

“Great Minds Think Alike.” That sounds pretty awesome and compliments both of you. I don’t know how this popular saying is translated in other languages, but in German it’s more like “Two Fools, One thought” for lack of a better translation. You get the idea… and it’s a guaranteed laugh every time I bring it up to Americans. This is just one example of a 1:1... read more

8 Reasons Why I Love Living in America

Today is Independence Day, 4th of July, one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. Most people have the day off and a lot of them are taking Monday off as well to have a long weekend and hang out with family and friends. For me it’s a good opportunity to enjoy the day off and share with you what I love about this country. Nice and friendly people I’m used to Germany and the... read more

Mother’s Day in the USA

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s nearly impossible to miss it in the US. Why you ask? Stores on- and offline keep reminding you about it starting as early as 2 months prior to this day, trying to lure you into buying something special for your Mom. Ads, TV commercials, web banners, email blasts and store signage don’t make it easy to miss Mother’s Day. There are... read more

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