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Buy an Insult at the Renaissance Festival

Yesterday I spent 7 hours with my family at this year’s Renaissance Festival here in the Carolinas. If you’ve never been to one of these medieval festivals, you’re really missing out. It’s a lot of fun for everyone, especially for fans of Lord of the Rings or the TV hit series Game of Thrones. Imagine walking through a European village in the 16th century and experience arts and entertainment medieval style. It’s not at all scary like a Game of Thrones setting, but very comedic just like in the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. There are so many jugglers and characters all dressed in ancient costumes and even visitors of the festival dress up to blend right in. It’s a real fun crowd!

You’ll be entertained by plenty of outdoor theatre performances with acrobats, pirate shows (also naughty ones) and a jousting tournament. The festival also has a very unique collection of man powered rides and skill games like Jacob’s Ladder, Axe and Knife Throwing or Vegetable Justice – a game where you’ll get insulted by a fool locked into the stocks just to pay him back by throwing tomatoes at him. This is my favorite game to watch every year and so funny to hear all the insults. Speaking of insults, I was also asked by a juggler if I would like to buy an insult. If you agree you’ll get to hear a classic medieval insult tailored just for you. Or you can pay him to insult your spouse or mother-in-law. Have fun with it!

My 5-year old’s favorite character is a fairy, that has the sweetest smile and shows up in different spots at the festival during the day. Kids love her, maybe because she never speaks but smiles a lot and has a special gift for each kid that approaches her. All characters during the Renaissance Festival are much fun to interact with and you’ll hear a lot of old British accents. Rides like carousels are powered by real people, who push it up to speed and also slow it down by hand. Of course, you’ll have to pay for rides and fun games like that. Most activities cost extra on top of the admission to the festival. Theatre actors and acrobats ask for tips after the show as well. That’s a main part of how they make their money. Almost like in medieval times, but that’s just how it still works in America. Tips are once again very much appreciated and needed to pay the bills.


Admission for the Carolina’s Renaissance Festival

  • $22 for adults
  • $12 for kids 5 years and older (Children under 5 are always free)

You can get $1 dollar off per ticket if you either buy and print your own tickets online or purchase them at Harris Teeter.
For the opening weekend there’s usually some sort of special. At the Carolina Renaissance Festival we got a Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

More information

Still not convinced, watch their promotional video on YouTube:

For more information about the Carolina Renaissance Festival visit their website at

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