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5 Must See Historical Monuments in the United States

This is a guest post by Flora Cox.

Every nation has a history and United States is no exception. Although its history may not be as rich as that of china or England it has numerous historical sites that honour the American history and heritage. These landmarks portrays America’s rich history from the early day’s right into modern times. People interested in visiting and explore these monuments have an opportunity to know the history of America through landmarks. When people visit these sites they not only learn but also help improve local economies. There are several historical landmarks but top among them include:

The Statue of Liberty

It’s located in New York City. It was a gift donated to American people by France as a symbol of friendship between these two countries. The statute symbolises democracy and freedom which epitomises the America’s way of life. A tour of the city is incomplete without a visit of this landmark. Visitors learn the history of French and United states friendship and freedom.
The Statue of Liberty in New York City

The Lincoln Memorial

This national landmark was built in honour of America’s renowned statesman Abraham Lincoln. Due to the impact this man has to the history of America he’s immortalised in the memorial. The former president is credited for preserving the nation during civil war. This site attracts millions of visitors to Washington D.C. to seek hope and inspiration from the memorial that symbolises hope and resilience. These visits help to boost local businesses and economy as a whole.
Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

The Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell in PhiladelphiaThis monument is located in Philadelphia. It symbolises freedom enjoyed by American people. It was used to proclaim important information and gave alerts to the public. It later became a bridge between history and modern era. The site is open daily all year round to visitors from all over the world eager to learn about history. There are exhibitions and historical art facts that assist visitors understand its origin and connection to modern times. This landmark is famous among tourists from all over world as it symbolises international freedom.

Mount Rushmore

Located in South Dakota State the monument is visited by millions of people from all over globe eager to view the beauty of granite sculpture and the black hills. Visitors to the site learn more about history of the county, growth from humble beginnings and levels reached in development from early times to modernity. This information is reserved in the minds of visitors who aspire to develop not just individuals but nations at large. It’s a win- win situation as fees paid by visitors helps grow local economy and them benefiting from knowledge exchange during the tour.
Mount Rushmore

The U.S. Capitol

Situated in Washington D.C. this is the seat of America’s congress. It has a rich history of legislature before and after independence. People visit this landmark to learn legislative systems and democracy which are envied and adopted all over the world. Many countries have benefited from the systems and prosper in many aspects. For visitors from outside US one is required to apply for esta to be allowed entry. A valid passport and a credit card is a must for application to be successful.
The U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

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