May, 2015 | Live Work Travel USA

East and West – An Indian Adjusting to Life in the States

This is a guest post by Ritu from India. Before I started writing this article, I watched some videos on youtube and browsed through books that talked about cultural differences. I was trying to get a hook, a starting point, to begin describing some aspects of my own experience of what it means to be an Indian living in the United States. It’s an experience that’s difficult to put into words, and... read more

Selling products internationally with Barrington McIntosh

After my last post about selling on Amazon, I reached out to one of my mentors, Barrington McIntosh, and I’m very excited to share our interview with you today. Barrington is an online selling powerhouse, known for expanding his Amazon business globally and teaching others how to do it. After having studied in the U.S. he went back to his homeland Jamaica where he started a career at a power plant.... read more