June, 2014 | Live Work Travel USA

A Review of InterNations.org

InterNations* is one of the biggest communities for expats worldwide. Founded in 2007 by three Germans – all of them expats – InterNations quickly grew and now unites more than 1 million expats and global minds in many countries around the world. Gerrit Baumann, who is one of the InterNations ambassadors here in Charlotte, NC, describes it as an “expat community where you can exchange ideas,... read more

Nathalie from Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Meet Nathalie – a Belgium expat living in California with her husband. I had the pleasure to ask her a few questions about her journey through immigration, culture shocks and first impressions of her new home. Where are you from originally? I was born and raised in Sint-Niklaas, a small city in Flanders, Belgium. Why did you decide to move to America and what do you do?
 After I met my American husband... read more

Americans about Soccer and some World Cup predictions

The World Cup is in full swing and if you’re an expat you are probably rooting for more than one team. In my case, I root for Germany and the USA. What a coincidence, that they are also in the same group and will play against each other next week. Go Germany!!! As you’ve probably heard, soccer is not the most popular sport in America, which is true. NFL Football and Basketball are still... read more

Getting the Driver’s License… Again!

Have you been driving in your country for many years before moving to America? It does not matter much here and you’ll be seen as an inexperienced driver regardless. Not any more experienced as a 15 year old highschool student when it comes to driving. You probably know what that means for insurance premiums. And the driver’s license is not only needed for driving, but also as a common form of... read more

Toi from Chiang Mai, Thailand

  The other day I got the chance to ask Toi from Thailand quite a few questions and she was so nice to really expand on them, giving you a lot of insight into the Thai culture and her experiences in the US. As always, the expat interview is not only interesting for people with the same nationality, but for all other expats or future expats, too. There’s a lot of great information, so please... read more