May, 2014 | Live Work Travel USA

14 American Mysteries I Haven’t Solved Yet

  When was the last time you were really puzzled about typical American behavior? For example the obsession over the greenest lawn, cheese everything or the mysterious gap in bathroom stalls. I notice stuff like this all the time and while it’s sometimes frustrating (see 70 degrees), most of the time it’s just amusing. We do live in a different culture and that comes with a ton of... read more

Interview with Ritu from New Delhi, India

I recently had the opportunity to ask Ritu from India a few questions. Indians are the third largest immigrant population in the U.S., so this interview will be very interesting for many expats. What I like a lot about Ritu is, that she gives us a lot of insight into the Indian culture and how it compares to the Western world. Let’s get started! Ritu, where are you from originally and how long have... read more

911 vs. 311 – When to call what number

With all the new things going on in our lives as expats, we sometimes forget to learn some basic things that Americans learn while growing up here. One of these things is the correct use of the number 9-1-1. In American movies and TV shows it’s always related to a medical emergency, fire or to call the police for help and backup. So I’m sure you’ve heard 911 a million times and you know... read more

My 9 Biggest Struggles During my 1st Year in America

It would be too easy, if everything would go super smooth when moving into a foreign country. America is a great country, but there are also some things that can really challenge you during your first year. If you’re a seasoned expat, you know exactly what I’m talking about. True to the fact that you can never have it all, each expat struggles with a few things that are unfamiliar or just... read more