January, 2014 | Live Work Travel USA

Winter is Coming – May God Have Mercy

North Carolina is currently in a state of emergency. Weather forecasts have already warned the public about one of the scariest natural disasters in the South. The local TV stations keep broadcasting weather updates and educate the viewers how to survive the day when disaster strikes. Schools are closing early and the milk and bread aisles in the grocery stores are already empty. People start hoarding... read more

5 Fun Ski Towns to Visit in the U.S.

Ski season is here, and that means a wide array of both elegant and quirky ski towns to visit throughout the U.S. For skiers who are passionate about great powder and a charming atmosphere, there are many mountains to explore. Here are some favorite American mountain towns that will play the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable ski trip this winter. 1. Steamboat Springs, Colorado Colorado is home to some... read more

Is the Expat Life for You?

Many people dream about moving to America, starting a new life in the Land of Opportunity and they begin to search more and more reasons why their own homeland is not good enough anymore. There are many reasons that can make you want to leave. The biggest ones are war and living in a country where you have to fear for yourself and the life of your loved ones. Fear of being judged because of your religion,... read more

USA and England Through the Eyes of a German Expat

For most of my life I lived only 500 miles away from England, but never visited until recently. I guess now, that I live 4,000 miles away, in America, made England a more desirable destination, so my wife and I recently made a 4-day trip to London. The fun thing as expats living in an English speaking country is to experience another English speaking country and to find out about the differences.... read more

13 Traits of the American Convenience Culture

I just returned from a 3 week long vacation to Germany and slowly getting back into the swing of things. While I was gone I participated in a blogger contest, where everyone had to write a “Top List” article. I did not win anything, but since I already spent the time writing it, I should just share it with you, too. It’s about the American Convenience Culture. To read my article, visit... read more