December, 2013 | Live Work Travel USA

Q&A: Sales Taxes, Driving Automatic and Speeding Tickets

How much is the sales tax and why does it vary so much? Sales tax varies from state to state and can be under 1%, but also 10% or higher in some areas. It’s been administered on the state level and food is usually a lot lower than other goods. States determine a base rate and the individual counties in that state can then add even more on top of that. Charlotte, NC for example is in Mecklenburg... read more

Per from Manila, Philippines

I’ve had the opportunity to not only work with Per on the Expat Cuisine eBook, but also got to ask her a bunch of questions about her journey through immigration. Read on for her insights. How long have you been living in the U.S. and what do you do? I’ve been here since July 2013, and I’ve currently applied for legal residency/green card. Why did you decide to move to America and how... read more

Sarah from Auckland, New Zealand

Sarah had a job opportunity to work for her employer in Texas, so she and her husband took advantage of it and moved to the US. I had the chance to ask Sarah a few questions about her immigration journey and her personal USA bucket list, that she and her husband are checking off one at a time. Where are you from originally? I was born in Auckland, New Zealand. I moved around a lot as a child and went to... read more

Credit Cards – Curse or Blessing?

When my wife and I came to America eight years ago, we did not have any US credit history – just like every new expat. And we didn’t really care, because we did not even know how long our American adventure would last and how long we would stay here. We paid our cars in cash from savings that we built up in Germany and we weren’t even thinking about buying a house back then. Both of our... read more

Pets on a Plane

Every soon-to-be expat with pet needs to make one of the most difficult decisions before starting the journey. Should I leave my beloved pet with friends or family back home or expose them to the stress and horrors of a plane ride without knowing, if they will make it out the plane alive? My wife and I could not leave our two pet rabbits behind back in 2005 and so they became expats, just like us. Good... read more