October, 2013 | Live Work Travel USA

Q&A: Open Container Laws, HOV and the $2 Bill

Why is drinking alcohol in public prohibited? In order to avoid public intoxication or even worse, being drunk behind the steering wheel, America has Open Container Laws that can slightly vary from state to state. In the majority of US states this law prohibits posession and/or consumption of open alcohol containers in public places like on the street or in a park. However, most states adhere to that law... read more

Halloween in America – Creativity at its Best

We’re near the end of the scary season with the grand finale coming up on October 31 – Halloween. Inspired by ancient Celtic traditions with giant bonfires to ward off roaming ghosts, Halloween was brought to the U.S. by the many Irish and Scottish immigrants who came in masses during the 19th century. Its popularity grew so much that by the beginning of the 20th century it’s been celebrated... read more

How to Become a Frequent Flyer Millionaire

Dividend miles programs have been out there for many years and even though I signed up and used Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program in the past, I never really paid closer attention to how you could take this system to the next level. I knew that I can earn miles with every flight and then hopefully redeem my earned miles after a few years for a free flight, if the miles have not expired by then. One... read more

Ming Lim from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Most expats have to travel a few hours to visit family back home, others, like Ming Lim, have to fly half around the globe and spend a full day and night on the plane to get there. She’s a Malaysian expat and blogger living in Washington, D.C. I had the pleasure to ask her a few questions about her journey and experience in America. Where are you from originally? I’m from Malaysia, a... read more

Armed to the Teeth – Gun Ownership in America

It’s not surprising that gun violence in the U.S. is much higher than in any other rich country in the world. There is just a huge number of firearms in the hand of American civilians, because it’s very easy to purchase a gun. New York journalist and author Stephen J. Dubner from Freakonomics.com was looking into this topic a bit further in one of his latest podcast episodes. He found out that... read more

Attila from Pecs, Hungary

Attila moved to the U.S. almost at the same time than me and my wife and we’ve known each other ever since. I asked him to become the “Hungarian representative” for my blog and to share his journey with my readers. Here’s his expat story: Where are you from originally? I’m from Pecs, Hungary, but before coming to the US I’ve spent most of my adult life in Budapest. How... read more

Claire from Bath, England

I’ve had the pleasure to interview Claire, a fellow blogger from the UK, about her experience in the U.S., after moving to Maryland with her husband and son a little over a year ago. She’s enjoying her new American life to the fullest and shares a little bit about it with us. Where are you from originally? I’m from the South of England – beautiful Bath. I went back recently to see it, and... read more

Greencard Lottery: Get Your Picture Ready in 5 Easy Steps

Last night I entered my name as well as my wife’s name into the Greencard Lottery and noticed a neat little tool on the government site to crop pictures that you took yourself. As you maybe already know, the government is usually pretty picky about the pictures that you submit. You can’t smile, can’t cover your ears, head needs to fill a certain space on the square shaped format,... read more

Buy an Insult at the Renaissance Festival

Yesterday I spent 7 hours with my family at this year’s Renaissance Festival here in the Carolinas. If you’ve never been to one of these medieval festivals, you’re really missing out. It’s a lot of fun for everyone, especially for fans of Lord of the Rings or the TV hit series Game of Thrones. Imagine walking through a European village in the 16th century and experience arts and... read more

Christmas in October – Santa’s Land in Cherokee, NC

What if I told you that you can take care of your annual Christmas family picture during the year without having to stand in line? You can even wear shorts and flip flops. Well, Americans wear flip flops all year long, but let’s just say you can dress lightly and get to chat with Santa himself in his own living room. You’re in Santa’s Land in North Carolina. Located in Cherokee – the... read more

Bargain Hunting at Police Auctions

The other day I spent a few hours at an auction for unclaimed property seized by my local police department. The auction itself was hosted by a professional auction company and over 300 items were up for grabs. Every six months they are selling all the items that they seized and the public can try to get a good deal on them. Here’s what I’ve learned. What items are for sale It really depends... read more