August, 2013 | Live Work Travel USA

American Football Rules for Die-Hard Soccer Fans

Yes, I said it, the “S” word. 8 years of living in America has made me refer to our beloved football as “soccer”, just so that Americans know what I’m talking about. They are claiming the term “football” for their most popular sport, which is American Football, where you don’t necessarily kick the ball like in soccer, but mainly throw and carry it. And still... read more

6 American Habits That You May or May Not Like

No matter where you come from, America will be different. Sometimes just a little, other times it’ll be a difference like night and day. Same with certain habits that you will start noticing after you’ve lived here for a while. These are things that will either shock you or make you join right in. Here are a few things that I keep noticing every day with comments from both perspectives. Idling... read more

Where to Get Immediate Medical Care

Being new to a country and especially as a parent, you have to be prepared for all situations. One of these situation can be a medical emergency of a family member or even yourself. You probably don’t have a regular doctor yet and with all the stuff currently going on in your new American life, you might not even know where to find a doctor yet. I hope you read this soon after your arrival to the... read more

Iris from Graz, Austria

I had the pleasure to talk to Iris, who immigrated with her husband and 3-year old daughter from Austria last year. How long have you been living in the United States? I moved here end of March 2012. Why did you decide to move to America? This country has always been fascinating to me. And after I spent almost 3 months in New York in 2006 – actually, I would have loved to stay longer but could not since I... read more

English Proverbs and Puzzled Looks

“Great Minds Think Alike.” That sounds pretty awesome and compliments both of you. I don’t know how this popular saying is translated in other languages, but in German it’s more like “Two Fools, One thought” for lack of a better translation. You get the idea… and it’s a guaranteed laugh every time I bring it up to Americans. This is just one example of a 1:1... read more

Kai from Rostock, Germany

During my own immigration 8 years ago I’ve been reading a lot in forums and websites about life in America and how stuff works here. One website that kept popping up was from Kai Blum, a German author of several German expat books. Last week I reached out to him for an interview to learn about his back story. Where are you from originally? I’m from Germany. I grew up in Rostock and also lived for a... read more

How to Buy a Car Without the Hassle

One of the first big purchases you have to make after your immigration is buying a car, unless you live in a big metropolitan area with outstanding public transportation. The rest of America is very wide spread – it’s a big country and there are usually not that many sidewalks or bike trails, so a car might be your only option to get from A to B safely. You probably already heard stories about... read more

Evg. Enko. from Belarus

Running an USA blog I meet a lot of other expats online and some of them have really cool blogs themselves. That’s how I met Evg. Enko. from Belarus and she was so nice to answer a few questions about her new American life to share on my site. Where are you from originally? Born and raised in Belarus, one of the former USSR countries in Eastern Europe. How long have you been living in the United... read more